December Shop Fantascapes sales

I have created 13 works in a series on "Huntonitt" wood plates. These are all finishes now and await for the varnish to dry so I can photograph them and post it in my November shop. Project 13 takes you into my surrealistic "Fantascape" world where all motives arrive from my imagination and magically ends up on a canvas. As you will see the motives are all winter themes where I try to preserve snow for the future

About the web shop, it's "first man to the mill" and I will set fixed prices. These prices are final and in good will a bit cheaper then my usual rate. Still collectables and totally unique one off pieces. I ship globally if buyer pays the Porto. Contact me on the site by Facebook, email or phone. All my details are listed in my site

All sales are non refundable. If damage occurs I can fix them for a reasonable price

The series 13 is a landscape series in Surrealistic world. Highly collectable and worth getting

Shop coming on SOoOon! See you!

I am working on it... Stay tuned for the investment opportunity for year 2021

They look good and will be a steal